Friday, November 21, 2014

#CBR6 Review #29: Hawkeye, vol. 3 – L.A. Woman by Matt Fraction

I adore Matt Fraction’s depictions of Hawkeye. He comes across as so dry and hilarious, while still having a huge heart and caring for those around him. This volume of the Hawkeye series, however, focuses on his young, female Hawkeye friend, Kate Bishop, who is sometimes just as ridiculous as Clint Barton when she gets herself into trouble. It’s funny, too, because I had just finished reading this book the other day when my friend text me to ask if I wanted to go to the archery range as she needed to de-stress from her studies (neither of us practice archery but we went anyways and it was a good time), and I noticed that I was wearing a lot of purple, just like Kate does. Coincidence? Probably. Also I realize that that was a bad story... Aaaaanyways:

In “L.A. Woman”, Kate buggers off across the country to Los Angeles for some time alone, only to end up in a huge mess of a situation basically from the moment she gets there. And who is to blame for everything? Kate’s foe, Madame Masque, who she previously had altercations with. But despite wanting to get out of town almost as soon as she arrives, Kate is just like Clint in wanting to finish what she starts, and taking care of those who have a part in her life. She may come across as an angsty young lady at times, but she has spunk and charisma: people are drawn to her, just like I am drawn to reading about her character.

So even though this volume of Hawkeye may not have been about our usual, surly hero, Clint, I was not disappointed in following this Young Avenger for a little while. We even got a bit more of a glimpse into her life and where she is from, which up until now has been particularly elusive or left out of Fraction’s comics. If you like the superhero genre, I would definitely recommend at least trying this series out.

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