Tuesday, April 8, 2014

One Direction Brings Me Joy (Did You Already Know That?): Come Take a Walk With Me...

Idiots... And I mean that in the most affectionate way.
First of all, I’ve talked about the whole concept of “ironically” liking something before and how I don’t like that phrase. What does it even mean? That you like something but in a “cool” way? Is it just a way of saying that you kind of like something but you don’t want to admit to fully liking it, similar to the idea of a guilty pleasure? Guilty pleasures are another concept that I don’t really subscribe to personally, because if I like something, I like it, and I’m probably not ashamed of it (I know I've talked about that a lot before too). 
And something that I’ve liked for quite a while now is One Direction, and not even in an ironic or guilty pleasure kind of way. Yep. I’m a young lady who absolutely adores a young, British boyband.
Liam's vocal range is actually
super impressive: he has an
incredibly strong singing voice. 
How did all of this happen? Let’s take a journey:
When I first found the music video for “What Makes You Beautiful” a few years ago, I thought it was hilarious and showed all my friends, like, “look at these little boys and their boyband and their silly song! Haha, it’s kind of catchy!” Then the song was on the radio and I said, “Guys! I heard the song on the radio! Hahaha, I wonder if they have any other songs that are just as catchy and cute?” This led to me acquiring their first album, and although the songs were pretty derivative, saccharine, sweet and stereotypically boyband-y, I liked some of them. Then the next single and album Take Me Home came out and I wanted to hear what that sounded like, so I acquired it as well… and fell absolutely in love with the album. It was so fun and catchy and cheesy, and it put a total spring in my step when I first listened to it while walking to the bus station! Take Me Home quickly became one of the most played albums in
Harry Styles gets a lot of
flack but I'm not sure
why: he seems so pleasant. 
my music library ("Heart Attack" is still the most-played song in itself, with "Kiss You" soon after that), and when Midnight Memories was announced to be released, I just happened to have an iTunes gift card and immediately decided to preorder it. And I fell in love with almost all of the songs immediately after I had the chance to hear them.

Somewhere along the way, one of my friends started to adore One Direction as well, even more so than I do (she’s actually gone to see them in concert, unlike myself as of yet), so now I have a friend to enjoy their music and ridiculous hair and fashion with (seriously, boys, you are so strange when it comes to that, and yet I like it). My friend also recently got me to watch the movie about the band, and I started to enjoy their goofy personalities, and felt a whole lot of unexpected feelings in regards to them all. I suddenly realized that I could identify every
Louis just so happens to be
my friend's favourite member.
one of the boys’ singing voices distinctly from the other. I know all the words to almost all of their songs and have laughed at a lot of the lyrics, all while still enjoying them immensely. I know how old they all are (not 17 like I have believed for about 3 years now), and have found myself thinking that some of them (see: all of them) are super cute, because I just can’t help myself. I have some bracelets with their names on them. The background on my phone is a photo of Niall Horan. My friend and I share pictures of the different band-members with each other whenever we stumble upon a nice one. I’ve learned to play many One Direction songs on my ukulele and have even recorded some covers of myself singing them… Things have gotten a little out of control lately. Or have they? I'm not really sure. 

The other day I stopped and asked myself why: why exactly am I focusing so much of my energy on this silly, manufactured boyband of absolute doofuses from Great Britain? 
Zayn has some of the most
beautiful eyes I've ever seen
and it's almost unfair. 
And the answer is, because their peppy music and seemingly lovely personalities make me happy. Dealing with a large variety of life stresses right now as well, it stands to reason that I am using their music and connecting to this positive presence as a means of release, to give me good vibes when surrounded by negativity and other tensions. And what’s so wrong with that?

Does it make me juvenile to like a band whose music is marketed towards younger girls? I mean, the boys themselves aren’t that much younger than I am (trust that I don't mean that in a creepy way). Does it make me uncool for something for liking such mainstream music? I really dislike those attitudes of musical snobbery that a person is somehow superior for only listening to old or indie or whatever kind of music they like. I enjoy a whole variety of musical styles and artists, so why does it seem to matter the most and color how I come across to people when I admit that I enjoy One Direction? Who knows.
Sometimes my friends call
me "little Niall" when I put
my blonde hair up like this.

At the end of the day, I don’t really know what I’m getting at here.
I’m just here to say, Hey! I like One Direction! In fact I like them a lot because they sing happy music and seem like nice boys and make other people happy too! And if you don’t like them, that’s totally cool with me as long as you aren't rude about it. 

All I know is that whenever I’m stressed out (which is apparently a lot lately) or feeling a little low, I can find a spark of positivity in the music of this puerile little boyband. So that is why I listen to them and why I like them. We all have our preferences and we all have our reasons. Now just learn to stop worrying and embrace the things that you love, even if other people think that it’s lame. Does it make you happy? Yes? Then enjoy it!

Do you think we should close with a song? I certainly do! Here's a cheeky little tune called "Happily" from their newest album (Midnight Memories). I hope you enjoy it:

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