Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Favourite Skate of the Day: Yuzuru Hanyu Crushing it in Sochi

Tomorrow (or I guess tonight technically?) the World Figure Skating Championships start in Japan. So before those get under way, here is the incredible, record-breaking short program that Yuzuru Hanyu performed in Sochi, right before he and Patrick Chan both stumbled their way through their free skates (it pains me to think about it, because I know that they are both so much better than that). It's so flawless, and he brings so much sass and personality to certain moves in it that I just fell in love with him. Also I'm pretty sure Jeffrey Buttle choreographed this program for him (but correct me if I'm wrong), which makes so much sense when you look at the kind of moves and style in there. 
I look forward to seeing what Yuzuru's career holds in the future, and wish him luck performing in his home country within the next couple of days; I'm sure he's going to blow the roof off the joint! But for now, let's revisit his amazing performance in Russia earlier this year:

(Unfortunately the only video I can find of the actual skate won't embed so you'll have to follow this link here to see it).

(He's really cute, you can't deny it.)

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