Friday, March 14, 2014

Favourite Skate of the Day: Kevin Reynolds' AC/DC Short Program

Today we have a routine by the lovely Kevin Reynolds, who I sometimes refer to as the True Elf Prince (sorry, Legolas), skating to a musical selection by AC/DC. And why have I chosen this skate today? Because even though he may not land some of his jumps, there is nothing more wonderful than someone being true to themselves. Most of the other competitive skaters may perform to classical music or a swelling movie soundtrack, but not Kevin (at least not in this program): he chooses to skate to the kind of music he loves, with minimal costuming and a little personality flare in his moves, which just shows how much fun he has with the choreography of his program. 
Keep on doing your thing, Kevin, you marvellous being. And might I add, that your long limbs are ridiculous and amazing? Because they most certainly are.

(The skate doesn't begin until about the 3:00 mark of this video):

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