Friday, January 31, 2014

Some Songs with Some Lyrics that I Really Like and Maybe Don't Know Why

Sometimes you listen to a song but you don't really listen to it; do you know what I mean?
Or maybe a song will be something simple and fun that doesn't really resonate with you overall except for one line, that you hear one day and just go, "Whoa," even though you've listened to that song a hundred times before. 
That has happened to me a few times, lately: the words to some songs just snuck up and hit me. Maybe it's just me, in these cases, as people respond differently to different songs, and everyone interprets lines to mean different things that may or may not apply to their lives. 

In either case, here are a few songs that have some killer lyrics that are just sitting with me right now. Some are more profound than others, and some are really quite simple. But if you will, please don't question my music taste, okay? I like a lot of very different things, this is just a collection of a few of those items:

1) Girls - The 1975
Lyrics in question:
"I know you're looking for salvation in the secular age, but girl I'm not your saviour"

2) Middle of June - Noah Gundersen
Lyrics in question:
"Hatred is a sharp knife held by the blade/ It's cutting in your palm till you feel no pain"

3) Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
Lyrics in question:
"Sometimes before it gets better the darkness gets bigger/ The person that you'd take a bullet for it behind the trigger"

4) Teen Idle - Marina & the Diamonds
Lyrics in question:
"The wasted years, the wasted youth/ The pretty lies, the ugly truth/ The day has come where I have died/ Only to find I've come alive"

5) Daniel in the Den - Bastille
Lyrics in question:
"You thought the lions were bad/ Well they tried to kill my brothers/ And for every king that died/ Oh they would crown another/ And it's harder than you think/ Telling dreams from one another..." (Actually this one really reminds me of Game of Thrones in a way. For obvious reasons, I'm sure.)

6) Piledriver Waltz - Alex Turner
Lyrics in question: 
(Most of them, but...) "If you're going to try and walk on water/ Make sure you wear your comfortable shoes"

I know, some might not make sense, or you may be thinking, "why THAT?" Well, I couldn't really tell you, but there it is. Anyone else have any favourite or memorable lyrics right now?

Okay I have one more, as I just heard this song a few days after it was first performed at the Grammy's last week.
Invisible - Hunter Hayes
Lyrics in question:
"There's so much more to life than what you're feeling now"

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