Thursday, January 24, 2013

Existential Meandering?

I couldn't explain to you why, I just know that it happened...

Sometimes we experience a moment with many other people, but our reaction to these actions is what makes us who we are. And our actions and reactions can become new moments, and as you experience them, you realize that this moment could not have happened to or with anyone else but you. 
It is such things which make the world seem so simple and complex at the same time; notions which baffle the mind yet simultaneously ground it. Grounding so strong it's the core of the earth.
Our individualities as autonomous beings are what make humans so human, and the universe itself with its particles bonking together at seemingly random yet specific times is what makes it our universe: an infinite thing that anything and everything you image is out there somewhere. It has to be. Hasn't it? You are there and I am here, are we not? And weren't we imagined by something or someone, and through this imagining and a process we technically biologically came to be, or maybe it is the notion of us which makes us present beyond physical bounds: a definite thing, and tangible being. All just thoughts and atoms and moments.

Like a dragonfly wing, with power to traverse the skies, yet so fragile it crumples and breaks with the tiniest pressure.
(Photo by Me)

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